Electrosurgical Unit ARGON PLASMA


  • CE 1011

Electrosurgical Unit

-advanced endoscopic cutting modes for polypectomy, sphincterectomy, mucosectomy

special monopolar coagulation modes for endoscopic procedures

-argon plasma coagulation in standard and pulse mode

-automatic regulation of working parameters on the basis of real-time measurements

-instantaneous and average power monitor that enables the operator to control the device’s working parameters

- colour touch screen and system for recognition of connected instruments, SDS

-control system for the neutral electrode, NEM, and the EMED SAFE electrode that guarantee safety of the procedure

-tri-pedal footswitch to activate cutting, coagulation and argon plasma modes

- dedicated trolley with case for argon cylinder and handy basket for accessories and cables ensure comfort and ergonomic conditions in the surgery theatre.